Sowing Good Business Practices

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Good business

Jesus loved to tell parables…sometimes they are easy to understand and are usually applicable to many situations.  The parable of the sower and the seed, when applied in the context of underwriting, shows those businesses we walk into every week, where we are attempting to plant and grow a relationship to spread the gospel.

Some of our visits land on businesses along the pathfall on deaf ears and die and wither away.  They just don’t understand what we are attempting to do through Christian radio regardless of our presentation.

Others will land among the rocks; those businesses will accept our ministry and are excited to help.  They will sprout but there is just not enough soil for the root to sustain growth due to budget woes or customers complaints when they play the station in their business, making them quickly fall away.  They tried it but it just wasn’t worth the trouble and persecution.

Others will be among the thorns…excited for Christian music and the effects of the ministry…they may grow for months, even years, but eventually hit sticky points with a multitude of excuses, budget cuts, bad economy, whatever the worry and those thorns will choke them out and their support dies.

Then there is the seed that finds the good soil.  Their support grows deep, they see the impact; how God blesses our listeners and their clientele everyday.  They don’t necessarily have to see results because they have ears and have heard.  They know the sun (or the Son) will be there tomorrow to bless and continue to give what is needed to sustain life.  Tend to and cultivate their good soil.  Ask them to help grow referrals and references.  They can help produce a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown… where we can create and deliver experiences that will encourage our listeners to live, and grow passionately for Jesus Christ.

We want to leave a mark on the lives of many that will last forever.  Don’t settle for anything less.


Randy Pierce

Director of Underwriting

Those Beloved Underwriting Rules…

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 There was a song in the early 80’s with the line “it goes on and on and on and on….” The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) recently levied fines for an underwriting announcement that seemed to go ‘on and on and on’ about a roofing company. It stated that they offered “Custom metal roofing, siding, hardware, trim, insulation, trusses and perma felt paper”.

Same for a gardening center mentioning they provide “bulk and bag mulch, peat moss, potting soil, bulk top soil, and decorative borders…pick-up and delivery”. They do offer all those services, that’s a fact, but the FCC said, “excessively detailed menus of multiple product/service offerings by underwriters exceed the type of information that would enable listeners to identify supporters of non-commercial programming”.
You can mention multiple non-promotional products and services, just don’t go on and on and on and on….about them.
Although the Federal Communication Commission didn’t say how many was too much, we would suggest no more than three. If you have more than three, you might consider:
• Rotating acknowledgement featuring different items.
• Using a female voice that might deal with more female items
• Using a male voice that might deal more with the “bulk mulch and “decorative borders, potting soil and bag mulch”, top soil, lawn mowers”.
Now I could go on and on and on and on…but you can find out more here. Click Here

Randy Pierce
Director of Underwriting
Positive Alternative Radio





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Every day, our underwriting directors present PAR’s ministry, mission and vision while building relationships in our community; securing and accepting donations from like-minded businesses and leaders who enjoy and desire Christian radio in their communities. We are here to serve, create, deliver and help fund experiences that inspire our listeners to live passionately for Jesus Christ. We do not sell radio. We do not sell advertising. We do not necessarily have rate sheets.

In return, the Federal Communication Commission, (FCC) allows non-profit broadcasters to thank those businesses on the air in the form of Underwriting Messages. It really is that simple.

We identify the business donor. “Positive Alternative Radio would like to thank ABC Office Supply, 123 Main Street in Hometown USA…

Sometimes we add “…for their support”, “…for their donation”, “…for standing in partnership with WXYZ”. These are ‘added words’. Shorter is always better. Again, we are not selling advertising so we do not have to necessarily develop a full thirty second announcement. Granted, there are those ‘network blocks’ that are time sensitive but that’s more the exception than the norm. We are not selling radio and crafting some creative radio announcement, but forming a Thank You message for the donor businesses.

We can mention non-descript, value neutral services offered to the general public, along with hours of operation, website address and phone numbers; things that are factual and could be helpful for our listeners.

The outline is clearly stated and summarized in the conclusion, point 21.  Click Here to see PDF.

Randy Pierce

Director of Business Development