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Equal Employment Opportunity and the FCC

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How would you respond if you opened the mail and found a letter from the EEO asking how well you have complied with their EEO rules?  Brace yourself because 180 stations are getting a letter like that.  In fact, the FCC says they plan to audit five percent of all stations each year.  In other words, if you don’t get the letter this year, you may be part of the five percent next year.

We have discussed this before but since this is coming up in a tangible way, I realize I may have more of your attention.  So, here are the basics as provided by our attorney:

1)    If you have 5 or more full-time employees (defined as working 30 or more hours per week), this applies to you.

2)    You need to have an “outreach program” to notify significant groups when a job opening occurs.  The program needs to cover a wide range of diverse segments of the population.

3)    You need to let the community know of your outreach programs through on-air announcements and other means so that organizations can request to be a part of your outreach program.

4)    You are to educate the public about the duties of broadcast jobs and the necessary qualifications for these positions.  This is to be done even when you do NOT have a job opening.  This can be done in various ways:

A)    Attend job fairs

B)    Conduct internship programs

C)   Speak at community groups or educational institutions about broadcast careers.

D)   Set up in-house training programs on EEO issues.

While our attorney has not seen any fines levied yet for point 4, he sees the FCC as possibly wanting to send a “message” by enforcing this item to make sure we’re taking EEO policies seriously.

Don’t forget your EEO report should be posted on your website.


Dan Franks

General Manager, Joy FM


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clocking in

A passion for what you do is critical to achieving excellence consistently.  It is the difference between one who is all “In” and another who is just “Clockin In.”

If audio production is not your “passion” and youre charged with that responsibility at your radio station, it can be an overwhelmingly heavy weight.  In small market radio and many medium market stations, you may wear multiple hats.  Someone must be in charge of production.  Tag, youre it!

Okay, so audio production is not your passion.  Perhaps you are proficient with the administrative side of this vital area of operations, but you lack some of the skills to really do masterful audio work.  A few pointers of how to approach this creative and subjective craft could help develop the “must do” part of your work into a real “passion” for it.

Isaiah “Izzy” Knight, Afternoon Host and Media Director at Spirit FM in Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia, has some tips that just may be what the doctor ordered.

Knight says, “Creating efficiencies and working smarter will provide you time to create a more effective and compelling product.”  Heres what he recommends:


“Audition CC and CS6 have a feature called ‘Templates.’  It is an easy way to have your toolbox of SFX and Beds automatically loaded with your rack presets ready to go.  Just set up your session and export it as a template.  If you have an older version, just set up a blank session and save it to your desktop.  Just remember to hit ‘Save As.’


Set up a rack for each voice-over person you have.  Unless theyre voicing a spot in another studio, you should never have to tweak their audio again after it is set (unless youre going for a new effect, of course).


Have a voice tracker or other outside dry voice audio?  Batch process their files using your settings to give them a bit more punch and match your station.


There are several ways to approach this workflow.  It needs to be simple, provide accountability and include enforceable deadlines for each person in the process.  Knight prefers paperless.  If budget is an issue for you, going digital can be done FREE by using Google Docs.  Create a form with the fields you need and it will automatically populate the spreadsheet.  This operation is working very well at Spirit FM.  If you have a budget for third party vendor software, Vcreative is a good tool at


Make these deadlines, presets and templates standard operating procedure. Standardizing your work flow will save you time in the long run and the continuity will make your station(s) sound significantly better.”

You never know…what is a “just get it done” drudgery to you now, may grow into a passion you never dreamed of, bringing all your hidden creative talents into full bloom.  And thats excellence!


Marc Tischart

General Manager

Spirit FM

The Power of Insight…

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I’ve heard a lot of talk about the ‘core listener’…listener’s age, predominantly female, soccer mom, stay-at-home mom, etc.  Honestly, I admit that hadn’t fully sunk into my brain as deep as it should…until this one call from a donor…

I received a voicemail from a lady who wanted to update her declined credit card.  She asked that I please return her call that day, or she’d try and fit in a time to call me back later in the week.  I happily called but got her answering machine.  In the middle of me leaving a message, an out of breath lady answered the phone, “Hi! I’m so glad you called but can you hang on a minute, please?”  I told her, “of course, no problem.”  Then I overheard her talking to her child; giving instructions on how long to walk the dog, how far to go, to hold the leash tightly, etc.  She apologetically returned to our call and began explaining what had happened with her credit card.  We were partway through updating her card info when another child entered the conversation, “I’m hungry!  Can I have a snack?”  …Mom responded with a list of reasons which included, “No, it’s close to dinner time; go comb your hair we have to leave for rehearsal soon.”  After giving further instructions on what she meant by “comb your hair”, she once again returned to our call and apologized profusely for all the interruptions.

In that momentI realized this mom was taking precious time out of an insanely busy (perhaps normal?) day to update her card information with us so that her gift could resume.  I realized what a huge inconvenience this call was for her and yet she was determined to get this done, even while juggling many tasks and people that yearned for her attention.

I have always been deeply grateful for our donors.  After speaking with this dear lady, I feel as if I got to climb inside her world a bit and it makes me that much more thankful!  I won’t pretend that I always get it right with every call but I’m so glad that I didn’t sound impatient or annoyed with this lady.  I even took a moment to thank her for making time for my call.  Each time I answer the phone now I am reminded of this sweet mom and how precious time is for our listeners and donors; how awesome it is that they carve in time to speak with us!


Kayla Sanders

Director of Partner Services


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Who has ever heard the stigma, “HR works for the companies, and the companies only care about their company, so HR only cares about their company?”
Ok, that may be a little on the extreme, but let’s look at it this way …Who wakes up in the morning and gets all excited about needing to talk with HR or any other corporate representative?
Now I know that approximately zero people are going to believe me if I spend the next few minutes proclaiming to you that the stigma is wrong, that management and HR are here for you, because the company cares for you, and you should just take my word for it. Why? Well, because relationships don’t work that way. You can’t just declare that you care for someone and then be invisible when things go wrong and they need your help. That goes against the basic definition of the word “care”.
Over the last year, we have made the conscious decision to live the definition of “care” when it comes to our team members. How does that make us any different from every other company out there? The key is in the word “live”. There is a big difference between proclaiming and living. We are dedicating ourselves to proving our statements and the only way to prove your dedication is to be consistent to your word.
We all know that life isn’t perfect. No matter how much you plan ahead, something can always pop up and surprise you. I don’t know about you, but if life just threw me a curve ball, the last thing I would want to hear from someone is “policy this” or “policy that”. So what will we do when that inevitable moment arises when the “policy this” or “policy that” stands in the way?
Even if policy dictates “this is or isn’t allowed” or “only this or that can be done” there are ways we can assist our team members in finding solutions. How? Maybe there is a different benefit provided that, although it may not help with their primary concern, it may be able to assist with the effects it has on the other aspects of life. Maybe there is an outside organization with which we have a relationship and they can provide the assistance that the team member needs.
There is an endless number of ways to show team members that we care and I know we continue to grasp the challenge with both hands. I know that we take every opportunity on every day to dedicate our resources in a way that proves management and HR are here for you and the company cares for you.
Debra Bourne
Director of HR & Accounting Services