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Is Your Facebook Audience Ignoring Your Brand?

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It’s no secret that Brands want to engage people on Facebook.  The problem comes when Brands only talk about themselves and forget that we (the users) are there to hangout with our friends.  The ignoring, unliking, and general annoyance comes when Brands begin to push themselves into our conversations.  As a matter of fact Web-content and customer-experience-management provider Kentico Software highlighted some of the challenges faced by brands on Facebook, as it surveyed of more than 300 adults aged 18 and up and found that the majority of them usually ignore posts by brands.  

  • Kentico found that 68 percent of respondents “never” or “hardly ever” pay attention to brands’ posts on Facebook.
  • 40 percent of respondents do not like brands on Facebook at all, while 39 percent said they liked one to 10, 7 percent said they liked 11 to 20, and 6 percent said they liked 21 to 30.
  • Of those who like brands on Facebook, 39 percent did so in order to receive special offers, while 12 percent did so due to recommendations from friends, and just 8 percent were seeking more information.
  • The most common reasons for unliking or unfollowing brands were uninteresting posts (32 percent) and too many posts (28 percent).

So, where does that leave us?  Right back to our purpose for being on Facebook in the first place…  We are there to connect with our audience in a way that inspires them, engages them, and reminds them that we are their friends.

Kentico Founder and CEO Petr Palas said in a release announcing the findings:

While our latest Digital Experience Survey may be bad news to some, it only reinforces our notion that the social media efforts of a company need to be measured by community engagement, rather than likes or follows. Equally critical is content that is compelling and personalized whenever possible to maintain the interest of people who may have become somewhat impervious to the constant bombardment of various marketing messages today.

Remember, you’re not just putting up a post, you are looking for a way to connect with your friends!

Nathan Gist

PAR Director of Social Media Engagement

Thinking Like A Starbucks Employee

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Remember your first few days on the job? You had a fresh excitement. You had a passion for the new journey ahead. You were probably thinking, “I’m happy for this new chapter in my life and the opportunities that abound. I’m no longer employed at [XYZ Company] and today is a new day.” Even through the endless HR paperwork, you were patient, willing to learn as much as you can, and eager to make sure you were creating harmony with your new colleagues.

Now fast-forward to where you are today. Even after Vision Week revivals or after a high moment of a successful project completion, do you still have the same passion level as your first day?

Why is this important?

Passion is Contagious.

Your passion level is important because listeners, donors, clients, and even co-workers can sniff it out. The world around us is affected by our attitude towards our work. Think about the Starbucks barista: if their attitude was “meh” or “so-so” about their product, what taste would that leave in your mouth (pun intended)? If your attitude is rushed or “I’m so over this” about your task, project, or department, that will spread like a virus throughout the building and even out to listeners.

Secondly, if you head up a project or department, and your passion is 100% — the contagiousness of that passion is likely to be received less than 100%. Let me explain: A production director has just produced a spot. She has lived with the nuances of that production from Step 1 until completion. She has cut and re-cut the VO, modified the script, edited for time, chosen the music bed and tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked … to make it perfect. She knows ALL that is in that production. She is excited and plays it for a team member who happens to walk by.

“Hey, listen to this! What do you think?”

They listen together. The production director is beaming, eagerly waiting for a response.

The team member likes it and responds, “Hey, that’s great! Sounds really professional and fun. Wow. Great job!”

And then walks away.

What’s the point here?

The production director’s passion for the spot is at a much higher level than probably anyone else in the building for that particular project. She may listen to the finished product 3 or 4 times in a row to relish her job well done. Even though she got a positive and encouraging compliment, the team member is headed to his next project and, understandably, is not as excited about the spot.

It’s natural; there’s nothing wrong with the way this works; nobody did anything wrong in the above scenario. But, the lessen here is passion is transferred in proportional doses.

Realizing that you need a crazy high passion level even for just a fraction of it to rub off on someone else is key in transforming the culture of awesomeness around these walls!

If Starbucks team members are crazy-nuts about even the farming of the coffee bean, how much more will that transfer to your experience of walking in and enjoying a simple cup of coffee?

Daniel Britt .::.VP of Culture Integration

Our Goal Is Simple: To Be The Best

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Be The Best

If you’re visiting this blog from another station or company, don’t be offended or read that with great hubris.

We serve the King of the universe.  He deserves and demands our best.

To put it simply, Positive Alternative Radio’s vision statement reads: “To be the standard by which all Christian media is measured.”

That’s the mountain we are trying to climb.

As we climb this mountain, we will share our experiences.

We’ll blog about the ideas we are implementing.  You’ll read what is working and what is failing.

We’ll be transparent.

We’ll invite you to comment and share your experiences.

Our goal is to be the standard.

By being the standard we will have amazing impact with the gospel, lead the industry in contagious connective content, create experiences that our friends who listen and give will never forget; create a sustainable economic model.

You’ll hear from various voices from Positive Alternative Radio.  Those voices will include Programming, Social Media, Culture Integration, HR, Accounting, Development, Office Management, Promotions, FCC, Leadership, Underwriting, Fundraising, Websites, Production, and Engineering.

Welcome to the blog!

Striving to be the standard –


Positive Alternative Radio